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Advisory Board

Chris Heilman

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Chris has been a senior software engineer for some of the world's top companies including AGT, Amazon and Google. He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Facebook. 


Jake Klinvex

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Jake has been part of two exits where he was a co-founder. He currently works on go-to-market strategies with with some of the world's premier tech firms within Mastercard's Data & Services arm. 


Bob Terhune

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Bob is a mechanical engineer who has built innovative products for the US Army, MSA, 4moms, and Uber ATG. He currently builds self driving cars as a Hardware Engineer at Aurora. 

"After I read the news, I usually look at the comments section and become angry, now I just look at Stanway."

– Stew S, beta tester, Pittsburgh PA

– Mona W, Dallas TX

"I love journaling and now I love it even more because I see great Biblical content recommended based on what I write."

- Chad R, San Francisco CA

"There is a goldmine of content from local Pastors and this is the best place that I've found to easily access their wisdom."